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Art Direction, Illustration, graphic design, Photography and Print Design.
This Cognac Petite Champagne is the result of a passionate research and can be considered a rarity. Distilled in 1983 from Uni Blanc grapes with the classic Charentaise discontinuous still, aged for 38 years in French Limousin oak barrels, it was bottled in 2021 by Cuspid Spirits. The goal was to illustrate a royal coat of arms using an animal as a subject. Always living in the Charente region in France, the stork with its elegance perfectly represented the refinement of Petite Champagne. The coat of arms has been enriched with elements that suggest the region where has been produced, such as medieval elements, native flowers, chain mail, lilies and other floral shapes. The royal seal was digitally drawn by hand. It comes in a limited edition, with only 125 bottles.


Photo by: Giorgio Vitali e Luca Minutilli