Info Projects

Art Direction, Illustration, Graphic Design and Print Design.
The Fiji Rum is a special and rare spirit, distilled in the S.P. Distillery in the Fiji Islands, matured 12 years with the continental aging. The aim was to illustrate a royal coat of arms using an animal as a subject. I used the nautilus to highlight the area where has been produced. The nautilus is marine mollusc that stil lives in the western Pacific Ocean. The blazon has been enriched with some others elements, such as corals, giant blue crabs, shells, manta ray and locals flowers. The colors reminds to the crystal clear water typical of the Pacific coast.
The Barbados Rum is an another special and refined Rum distilled in the Foursquare distillery in the barbados Islands, matured 16 years with the tropical and continental aging. In this case I used an elegant giant shell as a subject for the blazon. It has been enriched with others elements, such as dolphins, mythological seahorse, seaweed and tridents. These royal seals has been digitally drawn by hand. Both of the Rums comes in limited editions, the Barbados in 267 bottles and the Fiji in only 187.